2021 ANZACPE Conference will be online and virtual. Hosted by NSW College of CPE – Australia

DATES: Sunday 26th September to Wednesday 29th September, 2021

THEME: Deeper Waters: Word, Spirit and Metaphor in Supervisory Practice

COST: $51.75 AUD

REGISTRATION: https://www.trybooking.com/BTNHN
Credit card, G Pay and Paypal accepted. Bookings close 22nd of September
A Zoom link will be emailed to registered attendees in the week prior to the conference


Director of Clean Language Resources

Clean Supervision: using internalized metaphors to foster self-reflection

Gina Campbell is a Certified Clean Language Practitioner based in the United States. She brings her decades of experience as an educator and a mental health counselor to the Clean Language trainings she has conducted for helping and healing professionals since 2005. Gina has written four books on the subject, each a demonstration of her ability to make the complex accessible and of her enthusiasm for a subject that clearly delights and fascinates her.

Gina will host a series of three half-day workshops introducing Clean Language, a metaphor therapy method that guides the seeker to discover the uniquely personal metaphors that offer a way to know themselves at a profoundly deep level. She will explain the whats and whys of Clean Language and give us plenty of time in small groups to experience Clean Language, with guided activities that offer you the opportunity to make new discoveries about yourself as a supervisor. You can use these same activities with your supervisees to foster their self-reflection and growth.





All times are in AEST
SA,NT – 30mins
WA – 2 hours
NZ +2 hours

Sunday 26th September: Conference Opening 5pm – 6:50pm

• Welcome and opening reflection
• Coming together (ANZACPE President)
• Happy Hour breakout rooms

Monday 27th September: 8:30 – 3:30pm

Lunch 12 noon -1pm
Afternoon tea 1:45 – 2pm
Discussion Groups – Certified CP Educators: protocols when responding to requests for CPE that crosses Member Assoc borders/boundaries.

Report – ANZACPE Governance: Draft Constitution

Tuesday 28th September: 8:30 – 3:30pm

Lunch 12 noon -1pm
Afternoon tea 1:45 – 2pm
Discussion Groups – Changing Socio-cultural Context: What are the challenges and opportunities for the training and educating of the next generation of Spiritual Care Practitioners
– Challenges raised in Kate Eve and Christine Phillip’s article, ‘Are the providers of Spiritual care in your Hospital Capable?

• Member Associations
• Collaborating with SCA and SHA: Continuing Professional development for Spiritual Care Practitioners
• ANZACPE Organisational Member of Centre for Spirituality of Care and Community

Wednesday 29th September: 8:30 – 3pm

Lunch 12 noon -1pm
Afternoon tea 1:45 – 2pm
Discussion Groups – CPE during COVID; implications and innovations

• Diana Goss Memorial Essay
• Closing Remarks
• Invitation to ANZACPE Conference 2022


We look forward to seeing you all online at this years conference.