conference-2Just over 60 supervisors from every CPE Association in Australia and New Zealand attended the 2016 conference at Surfers Paradise, Qld.

The conference itself ran from Sunday, September 11th to 14th. But for others it began on the Friday, the 9th, with a variety of pre-conference review work. And for others it concluded on Friday, the 16th, with a post-conference Education in Supervision for supervisors who are preparing for review at their next level.

The conference met in the Mantra Legends Hotel conference centre, just a couple hundred metres from the Surfers Paradise beach. Not surprisingly, therefore, the conference theme chosen by the organisers was At the Water’s Edge. That theme was developed in a variety of creative ways and with a different focus for each day’s devotional activities, and was woven into the various presentations of each of the conference guest speakers.

At the Water's Edge Altar setting for opening worship.

At the Water’s Edge
Altar setting for opening worship.

Daily worship

The conference began with an opening service on Sunday evening, and each day began with a time of devotion.

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As Bishop Bill Morris is being introduced

Guest Speakers

On three of the morning sessions the conference was inspired by three guest speakers, who addressed the conference on a variety of topics related to pastoral care and supervision.

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President John McAlpine & Vice-president Judith Peterkin

President John McAlpine & Vice-president Judith Peterkin

Time for business

Several sessions were given over to the business of ANZACPE. This business included the hearing of reports from all Associations, elections of office bearers, and lengthy discussions on the future of CPE/ANZACPE. Further information on aspects of these sessions can be accessed via the links below.


President’s Report

 Leadership change

Common standards

Taking the tram!

Taking the tram!

Review committees

Prior to the actual conference, seven candidates presented to review committees for accreditation at various levels of supervisory training.

The greater-than-usual number of committees presented organisers with a challenge in finding sufficient space for all committees. Some were held at the conference centre. Others were held in the Pastoral Care Department of the Gold Coast University Hospital – an arrangement that provided those panels with the novel experience of getting to their committee meeting venues by tram.

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Groups workshopping!

Groups workshopping!

Group work and Workshops 

A feature of both the presentations by guest speakers and the business sessions of conference was the opportunity for group work. In both instances this kind of inter-action was a valuable supplement to the work of the conference.

The final afternoon of the conference was given over to a series of workshops.

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Nature walk

Nature walk

Leisure time

An important aspect of all CPE gatherings is the opportunity for folk to meet, chat  and network. Much of that happens, of course, as a regular part of the daily conference schedule. But it was also great to have specific times away from the business of conference simply to relax with each other, and catch up.

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Conference Centre Mantra Legends Hotel

Conference Centre
Mantra Legends Hotel

In addition. . .

Other noteworthy moments during the conference were:

asteriskthe Diana Goss essay from David Oliphant (see under the Diana Goss Award menu)

asteriskthe acknowledgment of the ANZACPE link with the International Council on Pastoral Care & Counselling (see under the Links menu)

asteriskthe invitation from Perth to next year’s conference

asteriskthe education-in-supervision workshop held after the conference (Thursday afternoon and Friday). Cathy Brown reports that this was ‘an excellent time of connecting more deeply with a small group of my ANZACPE peers, enjoying the different supervision style of my group supervisor, engaging in very specific learning about supervision and my way of supervising.  Mostly of being so greatly affirmed as a person by a group of peers.  I am very grateful to David Larsen for organising this learning time, and for Allison Whitby, Jenni Wegener and Adrian Flemming who were willing to stay back and assist us all in our supervisory growth, and share their particular expertise, whilst also meeting the learning requests of the participants.’

At the Waters Edge - Surf to the left, lakes to the right, and in between. . .!

At the Waters Edge –
Surf to the left, lakes to the right, and in between. . .!