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ANZACPE Standards – Foundational & Advanced CPE 2022

ANZACPE Inter-Association Application Form 2022

ANZACPE Protocol – Conducting Online CPE Units across Associations 2022

Preface to the ANZACPE Accreditation Standards 2022

ANZACPE Standards – Clinical Pastoral Supervisor CP(Sup) 2022

ANZACPE Standards – Clinical Pastoral Educator (CPEd) 2020

ANZACPE Standards – Clinical Pastoral Education Consultant (EdConsult) 2020

ANZACPE Guidelines for Chair and Presenter Roles for Review Committees



ANZACPE Terminology 2018



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Review Committees

Provisional Supervisors seeking to be accredited as CPS, CPE’d and Level III supervisors are required to present to a Review Committee. They are an integral part of maintaining the professional standards and practice of CPE Supervisors. (An example may be seen in the report on the Review Committees to the 2016 Conference).

Candidates need to submit a request for accreditation review by April 1st in the year in which they wish to present for review. This form is available in three formats below.

Request form for Accreditation Review – Word Document 2023

Request form for Accreditation Review- PDF 2023