ANZACPE President, Judith Peterkin, and retiring Secretary, Shirley Nash, who was thanked for her many years of service in this capacity.

Business times at the Conference dealt with a wide range of administrative matters. A highlight of these were the reports from ANZACPE President, Judith Peterkin, and from all member Associations – all reports speaking about the healthy space in which CPE in our part of the world is at the moment, as well as the exciting challenges facing the Association.


President’s Report, 2017.

Reports from Member Associations.

Newly-elected ANZACPE Secretary, April MacNeill.

Elections resulted in only two changes: April MacNeill was appointed secretary to replace Shirley Nash, and Peter Brown replaced Dan Murphy as registrar.

And other decisions worthy of mention included:

To purchase our own ‘Go to’ meetings licence, this to be available for use by all ANZACPE members (with access via the website once this is in place).

To update the ANZACPE Constitution.

To adopt a single bulk indemnity insurance policy for ANZACPE, in place of the multiple policies taken out by individual Associations (much cheaper). Treasurer Cathy Brown was profusely thanked for attending to this, and also for her great work as treasurer.

The ANZACPE Executive Committee (from left): Mary Waterford (NSW); Cathy Brown (Treasurer); Allison Whitby (Professional Standards); Bob Kempe (SA); Kathy MacLean (NZ ); Eric Cave (Tas); John McAlpine (Past President); Wendy McKay (WA); Judith Peterkin (President); Bernadette Wurlod (Vice-president); April MacNeill (Secretary). Absent: Noela Fanshawe (Qld); Peter Brown (Registrar)