ANZACPE – Australia New Zealand Association of Clinical Pastoral Education

ANZACPE is the umbrella organisation for the associations providing Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) in Australia and New Zealand. Our focus is on developing common ‘Standards’ and Supervisory accreditation for CPE across Australasia. We also provide international collegiality, supervisory education and professional development.

Formed in 1990, ANZACPE exists to bring greater cohesiveness to the CPE movement across Australia and New Zealand.

The ANZACPE member associations across Australia and New Zealand formed independently in the 1960’s. They share a common understanding of CPE though acknowledge differences in philosophy and practice.

Each association continues to conduct and oversee CPE programs and matters in their region.

There are 7 member associations  representing New Zealand, Queensland, New South Wales (including the Australian Capital Territory), Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia & the Northern Territory and Western Australia.