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Jenni Wegener

Jenni Wegener

Another link ANZACPE is proud to have is with the International Council on Pastoral Care & Counselling.  On its website, the ICPCC describes itself as ‘an organization of women and men desiring to respond to current needs and situations faced by people and communities in the world, through pastoral care and counselling. ICPCC exists for education, equipment and empowerment of persons and groups in the theory and practice of pastoral care and counselling. The aim is to enhance the scientific as well as the academic and praxis quality of the field of pastoral care and counselling. The intention is to promote intercultural and community care; to be engaged in interdisciplinary and interfaith networking within diverse socio-political contexts.’

Many Australian pastoral people have attended ICPCC conferences. But the special ANZACPE connection with the Council has been through Jenni Wegener, a CPE pastoral educator from Victoria. For many years Jenni was the ICPCC secretary, and currently she serves as the Public Relations & Communications Officer.